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Get a little closer, let fold.

Cut open my sternum and pull
My little ribs around you
Through arms, or maybe under,
Under you.

‘Fineshrine,’ Purity Ring

I loved you like instinct.

Cigarette lingering in my mouth after every kiss, your teeth tearing at my lower lip, water and scotch on loft steps, suffocating August twilights. We were glittering eyes and gasping breaths burning through the longest nights.

In my mind, you cried when you talked about your darkness, about your mind that lost track of everything, that turned blank and abandoned you. And I knew, before so long, that you would forget me too. We both knew I’d be alone at the end.

Your body crashed into mine at 2 AM, my head against the wall, my shoulders lost in the crack at the edge of the bed, your roommate stumbling through the kitchen next to us. I pressed my fingers to my mouth to hold back a laugh; you pulled me up from sliding off the mattress and, just once, you held on.


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